Who on earth are the BK Digital Explorers and what are they up to?

Well they are a group of highly motivated individuals who are set on making the world peaceful.

Okay, so how do you intend to go about this?

We are going about it by, initially, bringing together BK’s, their friends and associates (that’s just about everyone) and connecting them via digital technology and face to face in order to begin conversations and take actions, on both the physical and mental level, to transform the world from a place of sorrow to a place of peace and happiness.

World transformation starts with self transformation so we’re working on that as a start and by creating a trusting, safe environment, encouraging others to do the same, whilst practising leading by example.

We work on the premise that we are spiritual not physical beings and that our original attributes (before things went pear-shaped) are powerful, peaceful and full of all virtues. So we cultivate that vision of the self and others and transform our attitudes through introspection and reflection.

More about the organisation inspiring this initiative can be found here.

The BK’s special role and responsibility

As BK’s who are believers in a particular paradigm (soul, The Identically Repeating Drama, God) we should have an advantage over othersĀ in being able to transform our nature and acquire the powers, skills, virtues and wisdom which are the foundation of a world of peace. This advantage should be used to exert influence by being examples of ‘best practise’ in regards to relationships with other human beings and the animal and plant kingdoms.

Knowledge comes with a responsibility to use it wisely and for the benefit of all. The world is searching for peace and desperate for examples of how this can be done. Science , whilst bringing many benefits also comes with a cost, at this time, in regards to the environment and the instruments of war.
We learn and practise the power of silence in order to bring about a peaceful and unpolluted world. The power of silence allows detachment and wisdom to flourish which in turn leads to making decisions without being affected by emotion. Such decision making is fair, impartial, tolerant and just.

We have a role to show leadership by creating such a united, powerful and creative group of human beings that others can be inspired and energised into also playing a part in transforming this world of sorrow. It is not the job of governments to bring about change it is the role of those with the vision and the courage to guide and to lead by example.