virtuous angel

Why we study.

Om Shanti

The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you spiritual children who are to become the masters of the new world. You children understand that the Father has now come to give you your unlimited inheritance.

We were not worthy. They say: O Prabhu, I am not worthy! Make me worthy! The Father says: You children are human beings, and deities are also human beings, but they have divine virtues. They are called true human beings. Human beings now have devilish traits and this is why they are called inhuman. Their activity is like that of animals. When someone has no divine virtues, he is said to have devilish traits. The Father comes and makes you into elevated deities. Lakshmi and Narayan are true human beings and they live in the land of truth. They are called deities; they have divine virtues.

Although people say “O Purifier, come” no one knows the secret of how those kings become pure and how they become impure kings. That is the path of devotion. No one else knows knowledge. The Father explains to you children and makes you become like them.

The deities still perform actions in the golden age, but they don’t perform impure actions; they have divine virtues. Only the residents of heaven are those who don’t perform dirty actions. Maya makes the residents of hell perform dirty actions. God now sits here and makes you perform elevated actions by giving you elevated directions not to perform any dirty actions. He gives you the most elevated directions of all in order to make you into the most elevated of all. Deities are the most elevated, are they not? They reside in the new world of heaven. You are also numberwise in understanding this according to the efforts you make.

The Father makes the children so elevated. He explains to you children every day: Don’t perform any sinful actions. You have found such a Father. Therefore, you should experience such great happiness. You understand that the unlimited Father has adopted you. We now belong to Him. The Father is the Creator of heaven. Therefore, in order to become the masters of such a heaven you have to become worthy and full of all virtues. Lakshmi and Narayan were full of all virtues. Their worthiness is praised. Having taken 84 births they are now unworthy. When they descend, their degrees decrease even in one birth. In this way they gradually continue to decrease. Just as the drama moves like a louse, so you, too, gradually come down.

You souls are actors. Souls come here from their home to play their parts. This is the original, eternal, predestined play. The history and geography of the world repeat identically. The same deities will enter into the golden age.

Mama is remembered so much. The Father says: It is fine to remember her but, now, don’t remember her name or form. We too have to have the virtues she had. We also have to become as good as Mama and become worthy of the throne. That will not happen just by praising her.

The Father says: Constantly remember Me. Stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Relate knowledge in the same way that Mama did. Only when you become worthy of such praise yourself can the proof of Mama’s praise be given. By simply saying “Mama, Mama” your stomach won’t become full. Even by remembering this Dada your stomach won’t become full. Only remember the One alone. The greatness is of the One.

Only flowers should always emerge from your lips. If thorns or stones emerge, you would just remain like stone. Imbibe virtues very well. Become full of all virtues here. The Father explains to you children that you have to imbibe divine virtues very well. Never sulk about anything. Never make your face like that of a corpse. The Father says: Now, don’t perform such actions.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 13/10/15 Abridged