The Angel

Angels are human beings who have realised the speciality of the present time and are practising to become detached and loving. Angels evolve from human beings by detaching their focus from this world and transferring that focus to God and God’s creation. This process of focussing on someone who is incorporeal and something that is at the moment, in the future, is what changes humans into angels. Anyone can become an angel but very few do.

The process of detaching from this world and its activities, at this point in time, even effects the matter of the human’s body who is working towards the angelic stage.

In the quantum mechanics double-slit experiment, an electron or photon behaves as a particle or a wave depending on it being observed or not.

I think this process (observing/not observing) is what causes the human being/angels body to begin it’s transformation to a body of light which has been remembered as a characteristic of an angel.

BK’s are taught, on a daily basis, to become detached from this ‘old world’ as well as loving. My thoughts about this process is that when I remove my attachment from the world around me, (this doesn’t mean disengage) I am excluding my energy from it and causing it to become physically ‘less dense’ or more light.