The Deity

In the end this study is about being very lovely, living in harmony with each other (including the flora and fauna) and generally having a great time in a brand new world where the weather is brilliant and the food delicious and healthy and we don’t have to go off to work every day in order to survive. A world where we don’t have to rush around and have so much going on inside our heads that we are unable to create the silence and stillness necessary to allow creative thought and slow, gentle living to occur. It’s about being oneself, creative, carefree, gentle and loving.

The advantage in having such a belief that says we were once beautiful beings and we can become that again, is that it gives hope and a definite aim and objective.

The theory of evolving humanity is a world view, entertained by many and taught in our schools to our children, here in ‘the west’ at least, that says we are becoming ‘better’, more advanced and civilised over time. That our distant past was emerging from a swamp somewhere, becoming a fish, then a monkey or ape and then, once we had become human beings, living like cavemen/women and struggling to survive in a hostile world where it was kill or be killed and the survival of the fittest. And that sometime in the near or distant future, thanks to science and logical thinking and the suppression of our feelings we will finally create a technologically advanced civilisation on this planet or some other one , where peace will prevail and everyone will be equal and, and, and….

Such a world view, it seems to me, gives a great excuse not to act virtuously. That to fail, or have an ‘off day’, ups and downs etc, is normal and what being human is all about.