“You never even dreamt that you could make effort to claim a royal status.”BapDada 12/9/15
Freedom Through Acceptance. Sister Moira 11/11/2015 Gyansarovar.

Here’s an interesting class by Sr Moira Lowe from Argentina. There’s some good stories about the history of the Yagya and the changing times.

I especially enjoyed Moira’s take on the developing community focus within the BK family.

Tools for developing community

It takes personal power to create and sustain community, to give respect to all no matter what, to feel safe enough to communicate honestly and to be cooperative. I have to work on myself over a long period of time in order to develop the strength to succeed in this endeavour but the effort is so rewarding. Creating a better world starts with me. What follows this introductory page in this is a list of tools that have been found to assist the process of self-transformation. They are proven methods, some honed over many years and practised by many. We hope you find them useful

‘Buzzing Communities’ by Richard Millington (Proven Science for Community Managers)

We have started online conversations (using Skype or Google Hangouts) within the BK Digital Explorers Community Initiative based on the some of the questions and answers contained in the book. If you want to join these online discussions, please let me know.

buzzing communitiesHow is your (our BK) community doing?

This is a simple question. Your answer will probably be quite short: My community is fine. You might well be right, so let’s ask something a little more specific.

  • Is your community doing better than last month?
  • Is your community healthier?
  • Are members more engaged?
  • Are members happier?
  • Has the Return On Investment (ROI) of your community increased?
  • Has your community grown?
  • Do members feel a stronger sense of community?

How many of these questions can you answer? Or, more to the point, how many of your answers could you support with data? Can you prove that your answers are right? Now, let’s make this a little tougher: how are you doing as a community manager (centre coordinator/resident)?

Can you prove you have increased the ROI of the community since you joined? Can you prove that you’ve grown membership, gotten members more engaged, boosted the sense of community? Can you prove you’re a valuable asset instead of a wasteful expense? These basic questions about you and your community will influence what you should work on next, whether your actions the previous month succeeded, whether you should be paid more (or less), and whether you should even have the job. If you can’t answer these questions with supporting data, you need to read this book.