the power of silence


In silence I know myself. In the space between the chattering of my mind lies my pure, perfect and powerful self. I am beautiful because I am created by God and God is ever beautiful. God never forgets ‘His’ beauty but I do. I became trapped in matter as I slowly lost my power and began substituting what is inside for what is outside. What is outside now fills my mind and shouts in thoughts and feelings such that ‘I’ remain hidden to others but especially to myself.

Silence enables me to locate myself amidst the noise of acquired self illusion and become reaquainted with my incredible beauty. Practising silence produces unlimited surprises and treasures. Silence overpowers self-doubt, comforts and nurtures my heart and enlarges it to include the entire world. I can donate my silence and my huge heart to the world and help it heal.

Silence builds community, connectedness, collaboration, cooperation, conversation. It’s at the heart of the atomic spiritual bomb that will re-create heaven on Earth.