Soul Consciousness

Soul consciousness enables sustainable community

What is it about soul consciousness (SC) that enable sustainable community? Soul consciousness makes me feel safe, really safe and feeling safe is the foundation of being able to emerge my true, original self, my creativity,my genius. How come? When I am SC I am immortal, unlimited and free. The basis of everything that human beings need is soul consciousness. Soul consciousness is state of being, a paradigm that completely transforms how your life’s journey will pan out. When I am soul conscious the veil of illusion in regards to this world of matter, is lifted. Soul consciousness enables me to easily navigate through life with ease. When I am soul conscious my behaviour transforms and life becomes easy.

What is soul consciousness?

Soul consciousness is an awareness of the self as an incorporeal being, a non-physical conscious entity separate from my physical body and its sense organs, but operating through it. It is a sustained, natural awareness that my body is a costume, it is not ‘I’ and that the same thing applies to all other living beings. I am the self aware life force that behaves via my body, my physical instrument. Maintaining this awareness as I travel through this life affects how I think, feel and interact with others. When I think I am my body it is called body consciousness. Soul consciousness is a completely different paradigm and one that brings imperishable treasures, like peace, happiness, stability and love to name just a few. Creating harmonious relationships, being unlimited in my thinking, being kind and helpfull to all, being permanently happy are some of the things¬†obtainable when I operate in soul consciousness.

Stress, soul consciousness and digital exploring

When I begin the exercise of learning new skills, especially computer skills which are constantly changing, I need a way to remain free from stress and soul consciousness is a very good way. Because at this time my natural habit is to be body conscious I will easily fall back into that way of being if I don’t pay attention. In any task I really need to remain slightly detached from the activities I am performing otherwise I will quickly become absorbed in those activities and forget who I am. I need to keep reminding myself that I am the conscious being, separate from the body, that I am an actor playing a part. Why? Because doing so, being detached (but focussed) from my actions keeps me stress free. Try it and see.