i am a being of light

I am sexless and ageless. I am light.

Phillip Gough Personal Experiences

I am a light being and you, whether in a male or female body, are my brother. I am sexless and ageless and once upon a time I walked this planet in that awareness. And so did you. It was natural for us to be this way then, back when the world was new, when our bodies were new and when we were new. Like children, before the awareness of boy or girl seeps into the consciousness, we were not imprisoned by attraction and repulsion. We were free.

I saw a video of a ‘factory cow’ let loose to live it’s days in a green pasture after spending its life, up until that point, confined in a stall, inside a shed, under electric light. The joy she felt upon being released was obvious as was the happiness of the other cows there who greeted her and ran around the field with her, with great joy. Freedom, autonomy is among the highest of human needs and brings the greatest joy.

The consciousness of the soul, with its attributes of being genderless, immortal and eternal, is the key to permanent freedom and happiness. But of course you know that don’t you? I am light, you are light and we will always be this. From this perspective, with the freedom this belief gives us, I should be able to have the greatest thoughts of everyone occupying the planet. I should be able to overcome any challenge, solve any problem, create new things based on this premise. My life should be easy and getting easier by the day.

I am working on releasing, unbinding my mind, to enable it to soar, to expand, to explore new thoughts and ideas, concepts and viewpoints. Writing helps me do this, the Murli helps me do this, sitting here in this cafe and having a routine really helps too.

I am discovering that this paradigm of being  light, when entrenched in my mind, enables extraordinary thought. And extraordinary thought is essential for change at this time. I’m beginning to think  that neurological change takes place within the brain according to our thoughts. This makes performing actions, in line with those thoughts, easier. Okay, nothing new here but there’s a difference between knowing it and being it. I intend to be light, not just know I’m light. That’s one of a  BK’s aims, right?

The Murli and the Sakar Murli in particular, with its repetitive story of the soul, God and the new world is designed to accelerate this process of soul and body (the brain in particular) transformation. It works for me. Like the gradual materialisation of a new vista, I’m finding the future being drawn towards the present and the Golden Age becoming real.