earth-projector-dome-worldThe aim of the BK Digital Explorers Community Initiative is to promote, through face-to-face interactions and digital technology, the understanding that self transformation leads to world transformation.

As Bk’s with knowledge and belief in the drama, we are in a favourable position to be able to help the rest of the world achieve peace and happiness. Our belief enables us to be forearmed in regards to events in the future. This should enable us to be strong and stable and unaffected emotionally by what whatever occurs around us. This stability will allow us to be of service to our world family should they be experiencing sorrow and pain. However people of the world can prepare themselves if they also have an idea about how this world drama will play out. That’s why sharing our understanding of self, God and The Drama to the world is the aim of our study and training. Using the new digital technologies we can be more effective at this and spread Baba’s message quickly and widely and help others prepare for the difficult times ahead so as they can also view it as detached observers, settle all their accounts of action (karma) and go home to the timeless world of peace and silence.