‘No worries baby!

Baby hasn’t yet learnt to fear digital technology and is ready, willing and able to push buttons and click mice’s (or is it meeces?) just to see what will happen. That’s the spirit baby, you can teach us a thing or two.

Because we might have been ridiculed, ostracised and criticised for making ‘mistakes’ in the past (and even in the present) we may have developed a reluctance to experiment and try something new. The BK Digital Explorers initiative supports you to try new things and ‘have a go’ in the great Australian tradition. That’s why it’s called ‘explorers’. What do we have to loose. We are immortal souls after all! It can’t kill us!! It’s only a ‘play’ isn’t it? No ‘drama’, let’s play. Baba’s responsible, I’ve heard Him say so many times in the Murli, so must be true. So what are we waiting for? He wants to be responsible? Let Him be responsible and let us have some fun.

All the necessary videos have been collected and posted in this section of the website so you can learn at your own speed and get familiar and connected with the rest of us.

Those of you who have done the DE workshop will know that we are concentrating on the Google platform, with its suite of free and powerful programmes, in order to get us all connected on the same page.

If you are confident enough, work your way through the list on the right and see how you go. Having problems? Don’t worry we’ll be doing a workshop near you very soon.

A deity takes the initiative, right? No need to ask for permission from anyone, it’s your story you’re creating. Make it a good one!

If you need help just post to the ‘forum’ or to the Google+ Community.

Computers! Just in case you’ve forgotten how far we’ve come and how easy and inexpensive it is now!