Culture and Etiquette.

Culture means, “the way we do things round ‘ere”Mr. Greg Pickworth

The Culture

The BK Digital Explorers Community  (BKDEC) initiative encourages exploration and experimentation with digital technology. As children we were naturally inquisitive but as we grow we can become fearful and arguably, too cautious and our sense of adventure dims. Deities had the whole world to explore with the newest and best that the science of that time could offer. Now is the time to re-emerge those sanskars of play and excitement with all these new digital things. Don’t be afraid to try things out when learning this new technology. Be carefree and have fun, there is a network of willing souls close at hand to help you. But have a go first, after all, ‘the inevitable must occur’.

Because learning new digital technology can be steep learning curve for some and quite intense at times (as well as lots of enjoyment and very rewarding), it is a great opportunity to fast-track the practise and learning of interpersonal skills (dharna). As a lot of the collaboration and communication is online, the communication clues that offer accompany our interactions with each other when face to face, are missing and so honest and open conversations become more of a challenge. This is a good thing, a chance to learn and to display the powers and virtues that Baba teaches us. A learning opportunity.

The BK Digital Explorers Community initiative focuses on developing a culture of love and respect within the community and suggests a few ways (an etiquette) in which to interact digitally with the network which might assist this process.

The Etiquette

Everyone in this community has volunteered their services for the betterment of the world, to transform this old world into something much better. We all have parts of ourselves that can be improved and there’s a lot of benefit in focussing on the best in people. All are trying their best to cooperate with each other and we can help the process by being mindful of that. To that end, please try to exercise care and constraint in your interactions both on and off line. Here follows some examples to be careful of.


  • Try not to bombard the network with emails.
  • Try not to write emails in red and/or capital letters. PEOPLE MIGHT THINK YOU ARE SHOUTING AT THEM!
  • Try to answer the emails you receive even if it is just a quick ‘thanks’. This lets the person know you received the email, reducing thinking more about it or resending it.

Social Media (Google+ Facebook etc)

  • Try not to bombard the network with posts

  • In Google+ use the ‘categories’ option carefully and wisely.

  • Keep posts on topic.


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