The BK Digital Explorers Community (BKDEC) is
a community development initiative aimed at strengthening and enhancing the Australian BK Family, their friends and associates.
Using face-to-face communication, workshops and retreats as well as the very latest in digital technology, the BKDEC will first establish a core network of interested and available people to facilitate and manage the initiative and to instigate the 5 steps of the initial process.
The first step in enhanced community development is to find people who share the vision and want to participate. Fortunately for BK’s we already have a community in place which, created over decades by constant spiritual self examination and introspection, has developed a level of spiritual power guaranteed to bring about a metamorphis of the self and thus world transformation. Inspired and enthused by a daily narration of human perfection, BK’s move forward discovering what works and what doesn’t work in the evolution of their nature.

The BK Digital Explorers Community (BKDEC) aims to empower those within the BK family and their friends and associates closer in order to create greater;


People need to feel safe in order to communicate openly and honestly and give of their best. Creating trust takes time and requires a lot of care, attention and consideration but it is the essential step in building community.

Gossiping, breaking confidences, being judgemental etc, destroy trust rapidly and can take ages to rebuild if at all. Authentic soul conscious vision, knowledge of The Drama and the laws of karma assist me greatly in being able to correct any behaviour I might have which might undermine trust. God says that those that follow His directions become the foundation of all the civilisations that follow. How great is that? How fortunate are we?

Like all human beings we have all had our share of sorrow and carry the burden of ¬†our actions of many births. Knowing someones suffering is as a result of their past action doesn’t mean I don’t help them or show kindness of course, it just means I help them without taking on their sorrow and becoming entangled in their story. If I become trapped what good am I to others? When this unhappiness is removed I can fly once more.

Telling my stories of pain to another trusted person, who listens with genuine compassion and understanding and doesn’t judge or try to fix me, helps the healing process and allows moving on. The trapped emotional energy of past hurts can often be reduced when shared with someone who cares.

Every human being has a treasure store of qualities, skills, talents and sanskars which are unique and very valuable to any community and to the world in general. Often, due to many reasons including upbringing, schooling, relationships, our best has remained hidden and lies dormant within us. The BKDEC initiative employs many ways (workshops, discussion etc) to enable creativity within individual which can be contributed to the community in order to make it more powerful, vibrant, exciting and creative. This gives hope and becomes an example for others
A community of values-based individuals (spiritually minded), who practise openness, honesty and growth is the perfect setting to flourish. As we become more closely connected using the convenience and reach of digital technology as well as genuine face-to-face interactions we can expect to enhance all the abilities we have at the present and come closer to the vision that the One has for us all and which we will inevitably achieve. Success is our birthright and victory is guaranteed. History, after all, is predestined.

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